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Mastering Our Minds is committed to providing you with collaborative and ethical psychological services Psychology

Welcome to Mastering Our Minds Psychology

Our team at Mastering our Minds (Psychology) is committed to providing you with collaborative and ethical psychological services. We are a strengths focused team, and seek to help you achieve your treatment goals, and maintain your treatment gains.

My Approach

I provide a safe, cosy, and non-judgement space for you to discuss your hopes, fears, feelings, experiences with trauma, and goals for the future.

I treat each client as a unique individual and help them to enhance their knowledge and understanding about their own mental health care needs. This encourages clients to be self-advocates and active participants in their own mental health care. This collaborative approach respects each individual’s needs. It also makes space for clients to ask questions, describe concerns, and become involved in important treatment decisions.

My counselling approach stresses equality in the counselling relationship. I see my role as providing support and insight into a client’s experiences. You are the expert on your life and past experiences. I help to point out behaviour patterns, connect the dots between decisions and events, and help to provide you with useful therapeutic tools.

I see the client’s self-determination and innate strengths as integral parts of the mental health journey and therapeutic relationship. I pay particular attention to my clients’ concrete needs in addition to recognising the impact of your unique experiences with trauma and various forms of oppression such as racism, classism, transphobia, and homophobia.

Dr. Susan Rodriguez-Manning PsyD

Dr Susan